Crunching The Ideas ...

Anas Shehadeh

Founder and Managing Director

Anas is currently managing his own Business (Pestle Studio) which has delivered 12 brand development and Rebranding Projects and more than 45 projects in several types like website advertising and Digital Marketing Etc... 



He served in the Greater Amman Municipality in 2010 as the team leader of the e-learning project. Later on and through his experience that incorporated both the business and artistic realms he noticed that there is a huge gap between art and business to solve this difficulty Pestle Studio came up which is represented by its logo the brain shaped Pestle which combines more than one element to come up with the perfect artistic business solutions.   

 A while later juggling his job at the municipality and his passion Pestle Studio seemed like impossible therefore he decided to quit his job and give his undivided attention for Pestle Studio.

Pestle Studio’s very first project was a full 3D shot movie about The Battle of Karama in 2013 which was broadcasted on the Jordanian Television. His next project was a Docudrama about Al-Za’atari camp for Syrian refugees and how they lead their lives in the camp the film was in collaboration with the Canadian ICRC “International Committee of the Red Cross” and was broadcasted on BBC Canada.

Pestle Studio’s performance was put to the test with this one project which is Mustakshif Falasteen (Palestine Explorer) as it required integrating GIS “Geographical Information Systems” with marketing which is a challenge that was never done before. Against all odds Mustakshif Falasteen was executed and delivered to the customer and we start working on Mustakshif Falasteen (branding part) from 2016 until now.

Later on many projects followed in Jordan and the GCC area including but not limited to the UAE and KSA in 2017 and because of the growing GCC market Anas lead the founding of a new Pestle Studio Office in Dubai in order to be closer to his clients in the GCC area enabling him to provide them with Pestle Studio’s unmatched services. 

Ibrahim Al-Khatib

Co.Founder & Head of Art

Ibrahim is a strict believer in intellectual individuality and independence in advertising therefore ever-since the beginning of his career which was marked by obtaining his Diploma in Graphic Design from Al-Quds College he went on to be certified by Adobe in addition to being acknowledged as a certified artist by Maxon Cinema 4D he has always made it a point to fully construct the elements of his design utilizing elements of his creation produced for that specific project.

Most of his experience was in WPP subsidiary corporations such as Y&R Oglivy and Mather where he served as a Senior Art Director specialising in ATL 3D art and CGI in addition to working with other creative agencies such as Brandbuzz in KSA specifically in ATL advertising concept and execution.
It is also worth mentioning that only five people in Jordan master the concepts of CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) Ibrahim is one of them.
Currently Ibrahim is leading the creative team in Pestel Studio both offices in Jordan and Dubai as they work closely with their clients delivering impeccably composed head turning products.           

Core Values





Vision Statement

To be the best known, hands-on business advisory & consulting firm for the construction market in the region.

Mission Statement

Customer is king it is our mission to provide all your wants needs and wishes.?

The only thing our clients have to do is pay their undivided attention to creating?their product leaving us to sort everything else out.??

Our mission is providing top quality products without in any possible way risking?the quantity.?

Our Philosophy

We don’t think outside the box. We have made it a habit of creating a new box for?each and every client that would be immaculately adequate to serve their very?best interests and needs.

Our Quintuple “A”

A – As many endeavors should be detailed and comprehensive so are ours. However essential flow is as any other. What makes us different is that we are the experts at customizing the norm annexing our own inventive touch to it we call this process the Quintuple A:
A1 – The Assimilation

Pestle team is a family and all our clients are considered a major part of this family. The first meeting is considered a chance for us to get to better know each?other as much as it is a chance for us to get to comprehend your psyche.



A2 – The Assessment

During this phase together we get to assess which of our services best fits your needs allowing us to accentuate what makes you unique and ideally serves your purposes.



A3 – The Argument

This is Pestle Army’s cocooning stage where we meditate and brainstorm to come up with the ideas that will later on unravel a silky product that will wear your strategies like a glove.



A4 – The Application

Here our team gets energized with all the ideas rushing through our heads while we employ those ideas twinning them with the best techniques in the industry that we best master to amend our previous ideas to eventually deliver an impeccable commodity.



A5 – The Articulation

At this stage we present to you the fruit of our hard work and your patience. We bring to you a product like you never thought of.


We are there as a challenge

We are our clients’ number one destination as soon as they think of an extremely?inventive idea and are told “it cannot be done” we are their go to so that we would put it in action and prove everyone else wrong.

How Did We Get Here?

Our business model was developed based on the market need rather than competing for a market share; therefore, we have no competitors in how we are doing business.

• We defined the need of the market
• We created solutions to fulfil the market’s needs
• We proposed our solutions
• We delivered our solutions successfully